Against price increase in public transport in Toruń

We know that we’re a bit late in publishing this action account, that’s because we had some problems getting this blog up and running. Even though it’s a bit old we still thinks it’s inspiring to read!

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On 25-th of January 2009 Young Socialists protested against last resolution of City Hall in Toruń which rise prices of city transport’s tickets and privatizating bus line to Lubicz.

Under the slogans „Stop rises in MZK” (Miejski Zakład Komunikacyjny – Urban Transport Company) and „We won’t pay for your crisis” activists of Young Socialists and a group of citizens from Toruń have marshed through the Old Town of Toruń to the statue of Nicolaus Copernicus where the action joined together with speeches has taken place.

By the opinion of member of Young Socialists Bartosz Grucela, The Town Council has passed rises of tickets price on 30-th of December on purpose to avoid critic protests of inhabitants of Toruń. Grucela announce organizing students society against price’s rises. Other Young Socialist activist, Karolina Gierszewska think, that there is a chance for change this City Council Regulation if people, which felt rises most hard, will arise against this decision together.

Action has met big interest and goodwill of habitants of Toruń. Film clip from this action can be watched on Youtube :