Mass action in Ankara subway

This morning (4th of february), one of the first acts to support general strike to support TEKEL (ex-monopoly for alcohol and tobacco) workers took place in Batıkent. The municipality delayed the departure of subway for one and a half hour as thousands of people claimed the right to free transportation. Meanwhile, hundreds of Batıkent residents chanted slogans to support TEKEL workers.
Against the rise of public transportation fees , hundreds of Batıkent residents used the right to free transportation. Claiming the right to public transportation and need for general strike, district organizations of Batıkent Halkevleri, ÖDP (freedom and solidarity party) and EMEP(labor party) called for protest and thousands of people responded the call by jumping over turnstiles .

Passengers were shouting out loud saying ;“We want free transportation”, “Cancel the rise of transportation fees”, “ The ordeal will fail so will Gökçek (Mayor of Ankara)”, “General strike, general resistance”. Batıkent residents emphasized that no one in Turkey should remain silent against the usurpation of the rights and chanted altogether;”Tekel workers are not alone”.

Against the protests and free access to subway, the municipality did not let the subways to move for one and a half hour. Although municipality announced that the subway stop was close due to protests, protesters did not give up and continued their acts.
After one and a half hour, the subway started to move and determinant protest of Batıkent residents proved success. They were chanting “ we will succeed thorugh determinant protests” and have decided to repeat the protest every day until the rise of fees are cancelled.

batıkentliler ücretsiz ulaşım için turnikelerden atladı from on Vimeo.