Free public transport struggles in Brazil

First Free Transport Movement (Movimento Passe Livre – MPL) action against the bus fares rise gathered 170 people

The first public demonstration against the price increase was performed on January the 6th, gathering around 170 people in Bandeira Square. After the assembly and after “Carlito” danced the called “Funk against the rase” it was held a rally. Streets and cross roads were closed, thereby giving the voices in the demonstration  a bigger importance and attention.
The city hall tried, along with the bus companies, to demobilize the population of Joinville, planing the increase of the bus fares for a holiday season (Christmas and New Year). Hoping thereby to pass this increase without any further explanations, an extremely  undemocratic attitude .

But the population answerd with noise on the streets, making sure they were heard on the city hall as the polititions didn’t open the issue to debate with the popular sector, debating it only with the bus companies.

Thus it was launched the campaign “$ 2.30 IS THEFT, ” which demands the withdrawal of the fare on public transport and the end of the comercialization of the public transportation on the city. Transportation has to be public, it’s not an object of profitable business for some.

The protesters have declared a new manifestation date: Tuesday, 11/01 at 18h in Bandeira Square.