Ticket Free Day in Oslo!

As a part of Free Public Transport Day, we, in Planka Oslo, have decided to name our campaign day Ticket Free Day. We’re celebrating the occation with a concert on the subway!

This upcoming saturday we will meet at the suburban station of Vestli on the eastern outskirts of Oslo. Ida Isax will play for us and the concert will take us into the city, celebrating the “T-bane” as a truly public space, open and available to all.

Our choice of departure is not coincidental. The consequences of environmental impacts are most often felt in low income areas with high rates of poor or/and immigrant dwellers. As far as Oslo goes, the worst of these consequences present themselves in the eastern suburbs of Oslo. It’s worth mentioning that Oslo has the highest rates of air-pollution cities in Europe in the winter time.

But this saturday we will celebrate. Free the public transports!