Free public transport-struggle in Poland


Year by year our local public transport introduces price increases of tickets. It costs now too much. Many people can’t use public transport legal, because they haven’t money. Many people started using cars, because it is cheaper. It’s create bigger traffic jams, more car exhaust, and bigger costs of road maintenance. So Wolny Związek Zawodowy “Sierpień 80” (Free Trade Union “August 80” – radical left trade union) started campaign to promote a free public transport idea. We refer to Tallin and Hasselt example. We want to enter the free public transport, because it’s cheaper for autonomy budget, for people, and brings many benefits – it’s more ecological, and prosocial. That why we are taking to do public transport free by social protests and substantive arguments. And we have hope to win!

The name Sierpień 80 (August 80) links to big social protest in August 1980 in Poland. Polska Partia Pracy – “Sierpień 80” (Polish Labour Party – “August 80”) was created by the trade union).