Protest action against tariff increase in Kyiv

On February 19th, 2015 anarchists from Black Rainbow along with other leftist activists held a protest action against the increase in public transport fares in Kyiv by occupying the head office of the municipal enterprise Kyivpastrans.

The activists demanded to cancel the extortionate tariffs and establish a completely free public transportation.

Despite the action was held during the reception hours, Serhii Maizel, Director General, was absent from his working place.

The officials falsely accused one of the activists of damaging the Kyivpastrans property by breaking the door of one of the offices.

A large number of policemen armed with submachine guns arrived to the premises and demanded personal information of the protesters.

The peaceful occupation of Kyivpastrans head office ended in several hours. Activists left the building, the police did not detain anyone.

The occupation will not be the last action against the increase in public transportation fares.

We will continue to fight for our rights — as transportation is a right, not a privilege!