Collective Planning and Design

Collective Planning and Design (CPD) is a recently founded interdisciplinary cooperative consulting group based in Athens (Greece), active in local and international projects.

Our group was founded within the recent social and economic crisis of Greece aiming at contributing to a fundamental transformation of public space planning, design of public infrastructure and buildings, with main focus on:

  • enhancing public interest
  • promoting social participation in planning and construction of public infrastructure
  • introducing innovative and integrated planning and construction methods at minimum cost and optimal positive outcome

The professional experience of our members includes a wide range of public and private projects and R&D (spatial planning, architecture, sustainable mobility, environment, energy infrastructure, water resources, agricultural production, software-hardware engineering, GIS mapping, social research, visual arts etc) – our academic and professional expertise has been built in Denmark, G. Britain and other European countries.

Our current activity involves partnerships with local municipalities, ministries, educational departments, cooperatives-citizen groups and private organizations in the international level e.g. Ecuador, Azerbaijan, Moldavia, Congo, in cooperation with firms such as HPC AG, NTUA (smartRUE), DUTH, DROMOS Consulting, ENVECO S.A. and DAFNI/Network of Aegean Islands for Sustainability. Members of CPD have also been involved during the last decade in various European R&D projects.

Our academic-research activities include participation in national and international conferences, seminars and meetings with European universities (DTU, LSE, Cardiff, TU-DELFT, KTH, IAEN). We have recently translated-edited articles and books of urban planning and geography studies from keynote lecturers e.g. David Harvey, Kostis Hatzimichalis etc. and we are currently editing a collective book project for the Transnational Institute (TNI) focusing on land and energy transformations in S. Europe.

For more information please visit our website here.