Einfach Einsteigen

Einfach Einsteigen (German for: Simply Enter; Get on (board)/hop on) is an initiative committed to the expansion of public transport as part of a comprehensive transition to sustainable transport . The focus of our work is currently in Bremen and the surrounding area. As part of our work, since our founding in 2017, we have comprehensively researched our so called basic concept for a public transport tax, published in January 2019. The concept allows it to extend the public transport offering and make it free for everyone within the city-limits of Bremen. Furthermore it allows comprehensive expansion of tram and train network local traffic to make it more attractive and to serve increasing numbers of passengers.

Our concept includes also concurrent measures to promote the environmental network by expanding cycling and increasing safety and comfort for these and pedestrians. At the same time, we see the demands of the Bremer Bündnis Verkehrswende (alliance for transformation towards an ecological mobility), of which we are a member, for comprehensive parking space management and a city center, which will be closed off perspectivly for motorized private transport.

Since the publication of our concept, we have presented and discussed it in public events and meetings with professionals like politicians, administrative staff, associations and (public transport) companies. It is not intended as a static concept, but is to be constantly evolved to its ultimate realization. The first update of the calculation with alternative model variants was published at the coalition negotiations in June 2019. In its coalition agreement, the new state government of Bremen has decided to examine the implementation of our proposal. Therefore, we will continue to seek the conversation with the urban society.

From our initial activities, further projects have emerged that promote public transport, its expansion and the spreading of our knowledge and experience. First of all, we will support demand-driven development of concepts for expanding and strengthening public transport in the region around Bremen; in individual cases also beyond. Furthermore, we are organizing the school competition “Make public transport better!” and a regional barcamp in order to create a space where interested stakeholders can meet, promote their ideas and network.

Einfach Einsteigen will be hosting an international gathering “Just Enter – Public Transport, more than just free” from 30 April to 3 May 2020 in Bremen planned for 400-500 participants. More information will be available in January/February 2020. Please write us an email if you want to be notified or contribute to the event.


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