We are Memetro collective, born in Barcelona, spreaded around the world!

Our aim is to report the abuses and the underestimate of the public transport. The continuous increase of fees, the massive access control, the obligatorily use of ticket and the derivat problems of this, had created a common concern. Three years ago, when tickets controls were massively increased, we began to look for a solution to boost the use of public transport free of charge. Since then, we been investigated how to help, to support and develop useful tools, in summary, building networks and strategies of creative and civil disobedience.

We thought about Memetro and named it. It was described as a memory disorder that affects when the patient has to validate his or her ticket on the entrance machine. We focus on ironic and funny language. We wanted to offer a system enough hilarious to make the civil disobedience funny.

On Barcelona public transport service, if you don’t validated the ticket and you meet the ticket inspectors, you will pay a penalty fare . Our first aim was to create an alert system of ticket inspector services, so Memetro patients and family could alert about them using social networks as Twitter and Facebook. We began in Barcelona; Madrid people just endorse the idea and copy it on less than a month.

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