The name means in swedish. The idea behind came up when there was, yet another, increase of the fees for the public transports in Stockholm in 2001.It was clear that the politicians had no intentions of making it cheaper to use the public transports. So instead of asking for free public transports, we created it, or at least made it very cheap.

We did that by starting “P-kassan.” The “P-kassan” is a solidarity fund where all members contribute 10 EUR per month, or 50 EUR for 6 months, which goes to pay the fines (120 EUR) for the members who get caught. The monthly fees for the public transports is at the moment 79 EUR.
“P-kassan” can be seen as the flagship of, and the idea has spread to both Gothenburg and into the region of Östergötland.

Apart from organising the fund, takes a part in the debate in different maners. Amongst other things, we organise actions and demonstrations and write reports on issues related to For instanse, our latest report “Highway to Hell” dissects the arguments for building another megahighway outside Stockholm instead of developing the public transport system. Our focus is on both the commuters that use the public transports, as well as the workers who build it and make it work. These are the groups that should decide how the public transports shall work.
So if you just happen to pass by Sweden, we also have the the tourist adapted variant. For only 5 EUR for a week you can ride the public transports how much you want. Just contact us and we´ll help you with all the details.

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