Tarifazero.org (FareFree) it’s an independent website made by members of the Free Pass Movement (Movimento Passe Livre) with the objective of organizing old and new material (such as articles, audios, videos, reports, all kind of news etc.) produced about urban mobility and the right to the city. With emphasis in the defense of a public and free shared passenger transportation as policy of income redistribution and social justice that benefits the larger part of population. Created in 2009, the website has also the intention to contribute with the knowledge development of activists and everyone else interested on the public transport as a right; besides creating a network between different people and organizations int! erested in changing the public transportation paradigm – today’s merchandise, tomorrow’s universal right. The website consists in different sections of news, positive and progressist examples of: public transit around the world, political and social struggles for the public transit and plus blogs from the members of the project.